Using your Warthog joystick (or basically any joystick) as a handbrake in RSF RBR

If you enjoy both flying and simracing, you’ll have heard of the most excellent RSF mod for Richard Burns Rally, a sim from 2004, a bit old but well aged and still the best Rally sim out there in terms of realism, moddabilty and force feedback.

I wanted to use an analog handbrake axis but I found that the X axis on the joystick will register input even in its center position, using these values for “curvature2” for the axis:

The handy “gauger” plugin will still show an axis input of about 6% with the center position.

The fix is very easy especially for Warthog HOTAS / Stick users as the stick base comes with two convenient holes in the base plate that you can use to attach an elastic band to the joystick to push it forward ever so slightly:

Using this “mod” the handbrake will show “0%” input with the stick in this position. Now invert the X axis in the RSF RBR launcher settings and hey presto, instant analog handbrake at no extra cost 🙂

When pulling the handbrake simple nudge it forward after returning it to the center position (I’ve found that the stick will return to the center position on its own but it needs a little bump in order to go back into its forward position. A stronger band might help here, but I had none available).

Thanks to the friendly folks in RSF RBR’s discord channel, you guys rock!

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