Hi folks,

welcome to Hoover’s new home on the web. After nearly 17 years (I kid you not, at least not in any major way, as I’m writing this at the end of 2009 ;-)) of maintaining a web page, I thought it was high time to move to something new. While my own Zope based custom solution still fit the bill, it was severely lacking in doing a quick update, new page and what have you, so for now, I’ve decided to give wordpress a try which seems to have all the features I require for easy maintenance and quick “updateability” (please note that by no means does this choice indicate I endorse PHP for web development…).

I’m currently in the process of moving over the old content to the new location, so you may run into some rough spots here and there. The old site will remain up for the time being, so all the links should work but you may end up in an even stranger place than you were before! Older articles (or “blog entries”, as they’re called now) will be marked by a date of their original publication in the title whenever it can be determined.

All the best & I hope you enjoy your stay,


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2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. ulli

    ich suche den Uwe Schürkamp, der eine Petition an den Goldmann Verlag zugunsten einer Neuauflage von »Ismaels Geheimnis« ins iNet gestellt hat …

  2. Brian Bowles

    Hi Uwe,

    Are you still sim racing? I hope all is going well with you and your family. I did not know about Daver Purdy. That is too bad. at 71 He was not that old.


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